21 August 2009

a good week

i completed 3 papier mache masks: my face, my mom's and one from my daughter as a child. papier mache is so easy: flour, water, and newspaper. i usually have these ingredients.

my mother's face is almost complete. i sewed the faced in several sections, then sewed them all together before placing on the mask. this mask came together easily. i have included a photo of my mom and sisters, a mailman to represent my father, and several related texts.
i have begun work on my face: i gathered some sycamore bark from the park which when broken into 3 pieces seemed to fit the face. i adhered them, hopefully with heavy gel medium. i haven't checked to see how that went.

more sewing atcs and 2 felted ones. i am hoping to improve my ability to capture my work in photos .

17 August 2009

masks today!

i have 2 plaster life masks - myself and of my mom. i have covered them with aluminum foil and will get to covering them with papier mache and then sewn paper. the paper sewing is becoming fun. i have sewn multiple small sewn collaged pieces together to create the first mask. it all came together so fast! i just started sewing paper that was in my reach and the creative juices led me on!