04 December 2009

"ONIF"! (oh no, it's Friday!)

Quite a strange sentiment. I am working on accepting my life for what it is and how it progresses. Standing aside and allowing it unfold. (Thanks Gail :-) So, yes it is Friday and no, I haven't been in the studio all week. So much else to attend to! And so it goes. This is life. Trying to balance the demands of my life with the demands of my art. Sometimes, the artistic and the everyday merge and energize the other. Synergistic. And other times, one excludes the other.

My interests go in so many directions that I am continually distracted. This is who I am. I live in a chaotic world that is challenging at times, but also creative and unpredictable. I work on trying to focus my attentions to be able to enjoy some continuity in my life and in my art. The purpose of a large goal - the 52 weeks.

It's all about BALANCE- the intuitive sense....

"There's no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves: - Frank Herbert, author

01 December 2009

the first day of the last month of the year

Time goes faster and faster, spinning us throught the universe at a dizzying clip! I work on this and that, and the day is done!

Time slows down when I watch the entertaining show of squirrels, birds, dogs, and cats outside my office window. This small corner of the yard is a vortex, drawing in all nearby animals.

Time becomes suspended when creating art. No-time. An altered reality. These times also become part of my spiritual practice. Now that is a revelation!

I haven't been in the studio for 2 weeks, although I have done some felting in the house. I am longing to go out and work/clean up after my 2 week avoidance. Perhaps not so much an avoidance, as a change in priorities. I find myself drawn to work in the studio and totally disregard other responsibilities. So sometimes I choose to go that direction, then I follow up with a period of catching up on eBay, cleaning, etsy, friends and family. Although, I must say that if my daughter or granddaughter are around or need/want me to be with them, that usually is my priority. I also like to feed my husband John well after he returns from a day at work, bringing home the bacon.

I hope to make room in the studio for work on Ribbon Angels. And perhaps, also do a bit of wire bending in 3D.

In love and light.

30 November 2009

NOVEMBER 30 - what's been happening....

The month of November has proved to be a difficult one for me as far as keeping to my 52 weeks goals. I have been distracted by life- visitors, my granddaughter, cooking, cleaning (not so much), shopping... My appreciation for the devotion of artists who can manage to adhere to a daily or weekly regimen of art has increased greatly. I suspected that this would be a difficult, but worthwhile practise for me to establish. So hard to focus, easy to move on to other pursuits.

I have finally overcome my guilt (yes!) enough to return to my blog and re-establish a flow. This past month, I have done a lot of needle-felting- Santas, angels and a hat for Maya. I am so pleased with these felted projects. At the craft faire I showed at mid-month, I didn't make money, but I did meet some wonderful and helpful people. Jamie sent a link to a wonderful website - a line of boiled wool, embellished coats. Amazing! http://www.coveloclothing.com/index.htm

I also met the most lovely woman, Linda, who complimented me on my work and encouraged me to go to a quilt show as a vendor, where I might be better appreciated. She was absolutely positively inspiring!

I must add that my fellow vendors were kind, friendly, and more suited to this kind of craft faire. I remembered why I haven't done this kind of show for such a long time; it's hit or miss. I prepared for a big hit & I missed. However, the connections I made were serendipitous. Some new paths have appeared before me....
  • Shall I try to sell my crafted work at a Quilt Show in the Bay Area? A new venue out of my comfort zone, with the possibility of success.
  • I am drawn to the idea of coat designing and embellishing out of wool...New techniques and a serious new area of study.
Before I can delve into these possiblities, I feel that I must decide how to proceed on my 52 weeks project after my Month of Distraction.
  • Shall I dive back into the project? Which direction? Medium?
  • Do I want to pursue a particular course of study for a more prolonged length of time? (such as designing & felting large scale projects)
  • Has the project served its purpose? Or do I need to continue?
I will continue with the project...hopefully for a full year. The weeks that have gone by without any particulart clear focus or projects have served as learning experiences. I am learning so much about the creative process, MY CREATIVE PROCESS. Rises and falls. My mode of operation. Having a goal like this is a good way to push myself to explore options and ideas in a timely manner. So many years of saying, "I'd like to try that someday." Someday is here!

This week I want to try to make some Ribbon Fairies which I saw on Lisa Volraths website, http://www.tentwostudios.com Thank you Chris Em for the link.

Enough words for now.