09 April 2010

april 9 2010 - spring forward!

Ok.  I'm done worrying about the popularity of my work.  (not really, but I'm trying!)  My show is up at the Lodi Art Center.  I had a wonderful turn out for the First Friday Art Hop reception.  Lots of Art Hop regulars and artist friends.  I felt so unsure of the show: a combo of old and new work, featuring the use of color.  An interesting combination of techniques and projects:  felted hangings, paintings, metal embossed and collage mirrors, masks bursting with color, a collograph, jewelry...

So... on to the next thing.  I have been reading Embellish, Stitch, Felt:  Using the Embellisher Machine and Needle-Punch Techniques, by Sheila Smith.  Such an inspiring book!  I am particularly inspired by the layers of wool and fabric which are needle felted and then, wet felted or stitched.  She uses layer after layer to create a wonderfully unique cloth for use in 3D objects, journal covers, wall hangings, etc.  The embellisher is a needle felting machine, which allows the user to needle-felt large areas in a shorter time.

I am drawn to the use of multi-layering in collage, painting, and fabrics.  You can make a thin needle-felted and/or wet felted pre-felt, then use this as a layer in another piece.  You can add fabrics, stitching, embroidery.  Play with color, texture, pattern.  Felt is an excellent medium for layering techniques.

During my shift today at the Gallery, I begin work on needle-felting some pieces (without an embellisher), for use in multi-layered pieces with fabric and stitching, as well as felt.  

I have also decided to focus on developing a project I can work on, to help me in my journey towards strengthening my spiritual practice through my work.  Exploring my thoughts and emotions with my work in a more directed way.