19 March 2010

friday and....

What's next? Worked in the studio yesterday ona simple collage project,
covering some composition books that I bought on sale. It was good. I was ferocious. Also cut up
2 felt pieces and framed them.

18 March 2010

march 18 frustration

at a low ebb.
experimenting with wet felting. some successes and some failures. it is very physically demanding work. i worked on a felted origami hat yesterday. creating blocks of color using a resist in center to create a 2-layer square. realized that i just do not have enough space or facilities to work larger in felting. i believe i will continue to work small for
the moment, experimenting with texture and color. frustrated, but not giving up.

renewing my efforts to understand myself and pushing forward creatively into the unknown. ah yes, the journey to the unknown!

ok. i have just
posted pics of what i have been working on and i have learned a lot. had some good lessons and results. i do appreciate the positives. i especially love the nuno felted purse. i like the fabric, colors, and materials. will try more along these lines.