26 March 2010

march 26 so many questions

You would think that by age 55 I would have a good sense of my direction in life.  I suppose that I have figured out a lot.  Yet in the area of my creative self, I have become lost.  It's not too huge.  This happens every so often.  I am a questioner and not necessarily a believer.  I have decided to recommit to my creative  artistic self.  I am hoping to head in a new direction.

If you think about a totally new direction, something not done before (by you), then you realize that it's an act of discovery , experimentation and risk.  Go out and be brave!   How can you know something when you don't know what it is...? 

While this may be frustrating, it is also very exciting:  a step in uncharted territory.

I am the featured artist at the Lodi Art Center for the month of April.  I have chosen the work to show for "It's All About the Color".  There will be lots of color- masks, felt work, jewelry and cards.  First Friday on April 1 is the reception- 6-8:30pm.