10 August 2009

monday morning....

recovering from a really bad art day. i worked on my green paste paper on fabric with quilting wall hanging. i am not an experienced quilter, nor am i a patient and meticulous person. so i just tried to blaze away on my sewing machine (i did pin everything together!). alas, i used lots of stuffing and created a sort of a puckery piece. i just kept sewing away hoping to tame the folds, but gave up when i became totally frustrated. always a good idea to step away when things go bad...

this is a potential problem with this 52 weeks project: i tend to need to step away from projects for awhile when they don't go as planned, or the plan hasn't revealed itself to me. this is a good disciplin for me. so difficult to be consistent and keep it moving. today i will return to the scene of the crime and investigate.

after the green collage fiasco, i attempted some atcs and they just weren't coming together.
i decided to avoid the studio for the rest of the day!

today is going to be another scorcher - 100 degrees or so... so, i will take zoe (my dog) to the park to play, then head to the studio to work. i did receive an exceptionally inspirational set of atcs from my friend phyllis. on one she sewing a photo fragment "Papiers" (pictured to the right.) i like the idea of embellishing with sewing paper, photos, tags, etc. perhaps i will head in this direction. thanks phyllis! you rock!


  1. Lisa,
    We all have bad art days. Do not give up. I give you major credit for embarking on the green art quilty thing without a ton of experience. That's how artistic discoveries are made. I do more traditional fabric sewing on my machine but have been afraid to make art quilts on it. Hopefully your work will inspire me to just give it a go like you did. Have a blast, try new things. That is the point!

  2. Explore and explore some more, I will be watching closely to see what happens. Good luck Tricia x

  3. Lisa,
    I've been watching your uploads on Flickr - and I am loving watching your progresses on this journey (the book is stellar)! We all have "one of those mornings" - usually once I sleep on it things come round!
    Thanks for the invite here to have a peek around.
    Andrea R.