14 September 2009

i believe this is week 7

my trip to chicago interrupted week 6. my intention was to zentangle myself silly. however, not much time was devoted to drawing. i have posted my meager efforts. it is different working out of one's home environment. disciplin becomes much more important: setting up a time and a place to work.

this week i will be finishing up masks, labels, etc for my solo mask show october 2-31 at Hutchins Street Square in Lodi, California. The reception is on October 2 from 5:30 -8:30pm- with wine, music, and friends.

my theme for this week will be felting- i will work on creating a few atcs, and finishing up some hair clips, brooches, and perhaps fashion a felt mask of mira's lovely face!

i am flexible with my themes. what i work on is affected by what is going on in my life, not just a projected creative work flow. hence, since i need to work on felting projects, that is what i shall work on! i am happy as long as i am creating, experimenting, and learning.

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
- Ursula Le Guin


  1. Lisa,
    I just spent some time looking at your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your words and looking at your art. (And your dog Zoe is so sweet!) You are a true talent- that coupled with your honesty and humility are rare gifts. I wish you much success with your show in October- by the looks of it- it will be great! I've enjoyed my visit- very inspiring.

  2. Like Pam, I think your blog is fabulous and I enjoyed reading it and catching up. I forgot about zentangles. I have a few of those but I really like your heart and free form alphabets. I also think that totally counts for the week and you did a great job of integrating art in your daily life, even while traveling. Keep up the great work Goldie. Love, MOYRA

  3. thanks for your comments. i have been having difficulty returning to my blog after being away. but you inspire me to continue...