29 October 2009

oops! & yahoo!

worked on finishing 2 wreaths yesterday. attached one upside down to base and cracked a piece of the other one while gluing on spanish moss! (both similar circular red/green) i made about 8 marbled clay ornaments, which looked so beautiful. upon seeing them again, they are so plain, no depth. so today, i will attempt to attach gold foil, emboss, and stamp these to add some more dimension.

i created some Xmas ornaments when staffing the community art center on tuesday. i am so
pleased with these felted santas! i needle felted them using Wendsleydale curly wool. beautiful stuff!!! it's hard to see: they are embellished - eyes and mouth- with beads. not sure whether to use these as ornaments or pins...


  1. Oh, I love these too! You could do so many things with them. Please let us know when/where your doing the craft fair you mentioned in the last post. M

  2. Very nice! Looking A LOT like Christmas for sure. The polymer clay pieces from your 10/25 post are great- love the colors. Sure sounds like you are having great fun creating this work.