09 April 2010

april 9 2010 - spring forward!

Ok.  I'm done worrying about the popularity of my work.  (not really, but I'm trying!)  My show is up at the Lodi Art Center.  I had a wonderful turn out for the First Friday Art Hop reception.  Lots of Art Hop regulars and artist friends.  I felt so unsure of the show: a combo of old and new work, featuring the use of color.  An interesting combination of techniques and projects:  felted hangings, paintings, metal embossed and collage mirrors, masks bursting with color, a collograph, jewelry...

So... on to the next thing.  I have been reading Embellish, Stitch, Felt:  Using the Embellisher Machine and Needle-Punch Techniques, by Sheila Smith.  Such an inspiring book!  I am particularly inspired by the layers of wool and fabric which are needle felted and then, wet felted or stitched.  She uses layer after layer to create a wonderfully unique cloth for use in 3D objects, journal covers, wall hangings, etc.  The embellisher is a needle felting machine, which allows the user to needle-felt large areas in a shorter time.

I am drawn to the use of multi-layering in collage, painting, and fabrics.  You can make a thin needle-felted and/or wet felted pre-felt, then use this as a layer in another piece.  You can add fabrics, stitching, embroidery.  Play with color, texture, pattern.  Felt is an excellent medium for layering techniques.

During my shift today at the Gallery, I begin work on needle-felting some pieces (without an embellisher), for use in multi-layered pieces with fabric and stitching, as well as felt.  

I have also decided to focus on developing a project I can work on, to help me in my journey towards strengthening my spiritual practice through my work.  Exploring my thoughts and emotions with my work in a more directed way.


  1. Hi Lisa! I hope your show went well. Sounds like you are making some important realizations and decisions in your life. I'm now back on blogger and trying to reconnect.
    Take care!

  2. Oh- and my blog URL has changed (long boring story). Here's my new one: http://pamoblog.blogspot.com/