05 August 2009

purple paper sewing - week 2

this is the first of the projects for this week: sewing paper! i sewed the papers onto a rectangular piece of fabric by hand, added the batting (sp?) layer, and another fabric on the back. folded over frayed edges onto front and sewed with machine, then did a bit of machine quilting to create more texture and cohesiveness. it is approximately 6" x 12".

sewing regular scrapbooking type papers is not fun and they get creased and really show the mistakes! the paste paper and tissue paper i used was fun to sew, although i get very impatient: i want to go faster! i must remind myself to take a deep breathe and relax.

i spent several hours this morning cleaning out a corner of the studio to create a sewing area. found a spot for fabric, a sewing table (had to move my stamping and embossing stuff to the big desk). this is the second part of my 52 weeks: further organizing my studio, refining material selection (throwing stuff away!), making the space more user friendly. after all, the studio space is filled with many years (34?) of accumulated materials of all sorts. i can't use materials if i cannot find them! so i did my final machine sewing in the studio.

i have some fabric and paper cut out for a green mixed sewing piece. will start tomorrow as i must get ready to go to sacramento in an hour.

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  1. I love this! I have always wanted to try sewing paper onto fabric but I am afraid of the sewing machine. Too hard to thread and deal with the bobbin....lol. My goal for the near future is to get over that fear and give it a shot. This piece is amazing..great colors and composition.