08 August 2009

week 2 sewing paper

sewing paper has been interesting. scrapbooking weight paper is not ideal nor fun to sew. it's better to glue! sewing with a thinner weight paper, tissue, or rice paper is so much easier and hangs better due to its suppleness. also, it's not a battle getting the needle through the paper! i do really like the look of the paper sewn to fabric and then quilted with a layer of batting. great soft sculptural look and feel.

i have also loved using just one color family together. i tend to sort my collections of stuff by color. hmmmmm... i have another paper/fabric collage started: it is being sewn by machine and then quilted.

i did not accomplish a lot of projects this week, however, i did manage to find a spot for my sewing machine in the studio and arranged my fabrics all in one location. this is also part of my year long project: to adapt my studio to my art needs.

for week three, i will finish my green collage and make a collection of atcs sewn by hand and/or machine. i also hope to do more fabric/paper monochromatic collages or projects.

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