11 October 2009

Hooked on Spheres

orb in the sky and orb in the zinnias. my shadow to the right!

I have made 4 wire spheres of varying size this week; the first 2 are made from annealed wire (baling wire) and the 2 smaller ones are made from a copper wire. Both wires are 18 gauge, stiff yet pliable. I wind them as if I am winding a ball of yarn. I have tried to make small wire rou
nd beads, but have not yet been successful. They are not even close to being round. But I have not given up! I have also made a small 2 dimensional wire bird.
I bought some materials to make a 3 dimensional wire marble track, which I will continue to work on, as well as more wire twistings.

While the wire is great fun, it is also very hard on the hands. My thumbs do protest!

1 comment:

  1. Your spheres and fish are great!! I love the organic feel of the spheres- especially in the garden setting. You definitely have a talent for sculpture- clearly you are comfortable working in 3-D.