20 October 2009

studio tour is over and now....

i had a very fun and successful studio tour, if tiring. met lots of wonderful people, sold some jewelry and cards, and my two wire sculptures: the face and the fish.

i was asked to make more wire sculptures, which i hope to do this next month. but, for my 52 weeks project i am hoping to make some small wreaths for which i have forms: 2 wire hearts, and 3 rattan (?) circles. i am thinking perhaps felt and beading, but i will do some research today to see if i can incorporate some new materials.

i see now that in order to devote myself full-time to my 52 weeks project, art-wise, is not really possible as new ideas inspire other new, but maybe unrelated ideas. plus, life just has other things in store: my granddaughter, for example. and studio tours, art shows, housekeeping (not high on my list, but still there.)

i have also noticed how difficult it is for me to write daily. but in reality, this is the truth of my personality: if i don't have anything to say, i remain quiet. there is also the factor of getting back to writing after not writing for a bit. out of the groove and getting back in.

c'est la vie!

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  1. Congratulations on your successful studio tour! Sounds very exciting- so glad it went well. Looking forward to seeing where your creative muse takes you.