29 July 2009

book progressing...

i do like what is becoming of the tortured book. it has become a de-contructed book. all the folding and tying, etc, that i did at first in the beginning of the book was all crowded and made no sense. so i ripped it out, a piece at a time, and added it somewhere else. i am glad that i stuck with the book, even though i wasn't really liking it too much. after a couple of days not working on it, some ideas popped into my head and renewed my interest in continuing to work on it. i also just kept telling myself that i was not doing this necessarily to achieve a certain finished product, which i think was in the back of my mind when i began.
i said (to myself) "just enjoy the process. try new things, don't think about what you are doing too much. just work as the creative self guides you."

it does help me to talk to talk to myself. how about you?

1 comment:

  1. I was so inspired by your efforts on this book that I picked up a book of my own to play with. You can see some of of the things I've done to it on my blog.

    It's smaller than yours, but then, I'm more of a doodler, not so much a rip and torture kinda gal.

    I must say that your stitching is fabulous!