27 July 2009

i do like it

i do like the tortured book. i decided to accept it for what it is....

i am trying to mold some of the paper in the cut out frame. it's a plastic raised image of a ship, but it may not be raised enough to really impress the heavy book pages. i may need to do some rubbing over the template.

it is going to be difficult to do a project in one medium at a time. i usually like to work on something until i am stuck (sometimes that doesn't take long) and then work on something else. i need time for what i see to sink in and until i can see something i want to do or feel the inspiration to proceed. truly a challenge to push to continue to work!


  1. perhaps it would be useful to list all 52 things you wish to try, or at least as many as you can think of offhand, and then, if you jump around a bit, you can cross things off as you do them.

  2. Hey YaYa Goldie... you have inspired me to get to work on a project I have been putting off that will require some discipline too as well as a weekly committment to writing about it. Thanks! Btw, my grandkids call me YaYa, i was tickled when I saw your name!! so from one YaYa to another... GO FOR IT!! and know you have a chearleader in your corner!!

  3. juliet-
    thanks so much for your comment!

    i do have a list of things to try. they are written in the back of the book i am currently using for ideas. i am so moody that i decided to allow myself to choose my next project weekly. and in the process of experimentation, i am led to other ideas!

    next week i will be working on weaving paper as this is something that i wanted to include in my book, but may not have the place for it....

  4. yaya yvonne! thanks for your comment. i am so glad to have inspired you and would like to hear your progress on your project. i am rooting for my fellow artist and yaya!