01 August 2009

end of week 1

my "tortured" book became a "deconstructed" book. i was happy with the results after i let go of expectations of what the finished book "should" or "could" look like. the key is enjoying and getting into the creating process. there were techniques i didn't utilize while manipulating my paper without paint or additional images. i did use glue, acrylic medium, string, a button, and a bit of charcoal (on the embossed ship page to reveal the image and age the frame).

this was a good warm up project/week. i have fallen in love with pockets. the book project is complete without pockets, so i did a couple of sample ATCs with paper pockets. (thanks Trish)

as i worked this week, i realized some important things:
  • it helps to give myself an assignment with limitations. i tend to be indecisive about which direction(s) to go when i am working. it is wonderful to say, "this is your challenge... you may only use the textbook (printed paper) with no additional images or color or objects." i did mostly follow the rules, but since i made the rules i can also break them when i have good reason to! getting focused!
  • i am so happy to be sharing my project with other artists. thank you so much.
  • i will be making ATCs to save as samples of the week's work. they are small; easily created and saved due to size (2.5" x 3.5") . this will be a good way for me to document what i have been doing and learning in addition to other projects.
  • i like pockets and putting things in them.

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