30 November 2009

NOVEMBER 30 - what's been happening....

The month of November has proved to be a difficult one for me as far as keeping to my 52 weeks goals. I have been distracted by life- visitors, my granddaughter, cooking, cleaning (not so much), shopping... My appreciation for the devotion of artists who can manage to adhere to a daily or weekly regimen of art has increased greatly. I suspected that this would be a difficult, but worthwhile practise for me to establish. So hard to focus, easy to move on to other pursuits.

I have finally overcome my guilt (yes!) enough to return to my blog and re-establish a flow. This past month, I have done a lot of needle-felting- Santas, angels and a hat for Maya. I am so pleased with these felted projects. At the craft faire I showed at mid-month, I didn't make money, but I did meet some wonderful and helpful people. Jamie sent a link to a wonderful website - a line of boiled wool, embellished coats. Amazing! http://www.coveloclothing.com/index.htm

I also met the most lovely woman, Linda, who complimented me on my work and encouraged me to go to a quilt show as a vendor, where I might be better appreciated. She was absolutely positively inspiring!

I must add that my fellow vendors were kind, friendly, and more suited to this kind of craft faire. I remembered why I haven't done this kind of show for such a long time; it's hit or miss. I prepared for a big hit & I missed. However, the connections I made were serendipitous. Some new paths have appeared before me....
  • Shall I try to sell my crafted work at a Quilt Show in the Bay Area? A new venue out of my comfort zone, with the possibility of success.
  • I am drawn to the idea of coat designing and embellishing out of wool...New techniques and a serious new area of study.
Before I can delve into these possiblities, I feel that I must decide how to proceed on my 52 weeks project after my Month of Distraction.
  • Shall I dive back into the project? Which direction? Medium?
  • Do I want to pursue a particular course of study for a more prolonged length of time? (such as designing & felting large scale projects)
  • Has the project served its purpose? Or do I need to continue?
I will continue with the project...hopefully for a full year. The weeks that have gone by without any particulart clear focus or projects have served as learning experiences. I am learning so much about the creative process, MY CREATIVE PROCESS. Rises and falls. My mode of operation. Having a goal like this is a good way to push myself to explore options and ideas in a timely manner. So many years of saying, "I'd like to try that someday." Someday is here!

This week I want to try to make some Ribbon Fairies which I saw on Lisa Volraths website, http://www.tentwostudios.com Thank you Chris Em for the link.

Enough words for now.

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  1. I'm glad you have the time to blog again! I think your exploring this path into weekly projects- no matter how it turns out- is a positive thing. You are defining YOUR style, YOUR goals, YOUR creative path. I like reading what you've discovered- I certainly feel a connection and I'm sure many other artists do too. So keep posting and keep exploring!! I truly enjoy reading about your discoveries. Oh- and congratulations on preparing and attending the craft show. Even if sales weren't what you had hoped for- your efforts matter and obviously you had a positve experience. If it were easy- everyone would do it.