04 December 2009

"ONIF"! (oh no, it's Friday!)

Quite a strange sentiment. I am working on accepting my life for what it is and how it progresses. Standing aside and allowing it unfold. (Thanks Gail :-) So, yes it is Friday and no, I haven't been in the studio all week. So much else to attend to! And so it goes. This is life. Trying to balance the demands of my life with the demands of my art. Sometimes, the artistic and the everyday merge and energize the other. Synergistic. And other times, one excludes the other.

My interests go in so many directions that I am continually distracted. This is who I am. I live in a chaotic world that is challenging at times, but also creative and unpredictable. I work on trying to focus my attentions to be able to enjoy some continuity in my life and in my art. The purpose of a large goal - the 52 weeks.

It's all about BALANCE- the intuitive sense....

"There's no secret to balance. You just have to feel the waves: - Frank Herbert, author

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