01 December 2009

the first day of the last month of the year

Time goes faster and faster, spinning us throught the universe at a dizzying clip! I work on this and that, and the day is done!

Time slows down when I watch the entertaining show of squirrels, birds, dogs, and cats outside my office window. This small corner of the yard is a vortex, drawing in all nearby animals.

Time becomes suspended when creating art. No-time. An altered reality. These times also become part of my spiritual practice. Now that is a revelation!

I haven't been in the studio for 2 weeks, although I have done some felting in the house. I am longing to go out and work/clean up after my 2 week avoidance. Perhaps not so much an avoidance, as a change in priorities. I find myself drawn to work in the studio and totally disregard other responsibilities. So sometimes I choose to go that direction, then I follow up with a period of catching up on eBay, cleaning, etsy, friends and family. Although, I must say that if my daughter or granddaughter are around or need/want me to be with them, that usually is my priority. I also like to feed my husband John well after he returns from a day at work, bringing home the bacon.

I hope to make room in the studio for work on Ribbon Angels. And perhaps, also do a bit of wire bending in 3D.

In love and light.

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